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Garstang Fairtrade Town: The FIG Tree

Garstang The World's First Fairtrade Town

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The FIG Tree Fair Trade Visitor Centre

We are proud that the The FIG Tree, the world's first international Fair Trade Visitor Centre, was established in Garstang initially.  

The Steering Group strongly supported the campaign to establish the FIG Tree International Fair Trade Visitor Centre in Garstang and were delighted when it opened in 2011. This is the world’s first International Fair Trade Centre that focuses exclusively on fair trade and trade injustice by exploring the four themes: Fair Trade Towns, The British Transatlantic Slave Trade, Quaker Heritage in '1652 Country' and chocolate using their link with the Kuapa Kokoo Society of New Koforidua in Ghana.
The FIG Tree  left its current location in November 2014 and  moved to Lancaster.  It will be a great loss to Garstang, the Steering Group and local people but the move  will not diminish our support and continued working with The FIG Tree. Its resources will continue to be available and as evidenced in this application the contribution it has made to promoting Fairtrade principles and social justice has been immense. There is no doubt that the FIG Tree leaving Garstang will have a great impact on the local Fairtrade campaign and the Steering Group acknowledges this.  Its work for the benefit of the Fair Trade towns movement as a whole will of course continue.

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