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Garstang Fairtrade Steering Group AGM
Tuesday May 10th 2011

Attendence: Welcome to Mike Templan and Bernard Pendleton from Myerscough, Ruth Bruce, Pip Riley, Mary Cammack, Stuart McPhillips, Bill Hewitt, Sarah Young, Belinda Hulme, Danny Callery, Graham Hulme.

Apologies for Absence. Fiona Riley , Anne Humphreys, Chris Ryan, Will Nightingale, Bruce Crowther

Acceptance of Minutes of AGM 2010
Accepted. Proposed by Pip, Seconded by Mary.

‘You will find that Bruce has made suggestions as possible organisations to approach’ should read ‘possible organisations to approach are taken from targets that came from our strategy meeting in 2008.’ Mary Kinard should read Mary Cammack

Chairperson's Report
At the AGM in 2010, I thanked you all for staying with me while I floundered my way to becoming your Chairperson and hoped you would continue to support me and the objects of Fairtrade. You have done so magnificently and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I also said that I was only prepared to be your chairperson for 2 years. Obviously, I am half way through that term and the group seriously need to find a replacement for me. At the time of writing this, we have no nomination for Vice Chairperson. Is this an indication of things to be at the next AGM? I hope not.

Since the last AGM, we have welcomed 3 new members to the Steering Group, Mary Cammack, Stuart McPhillips and Councillor Chris Ryan all of whom have made a valuable and huge contribution to the activities to the group. Thank you. Sadly at this AGM, we will be loosing as a representative of the Council, Councillor Anne Humphreys, who is retiring from the Town Council and Will Nightingale who is currently in India. Again, to both of you thank you for the contributions you have made and on a personal note, the support you have given me. Someone who thankfully who is not leaving the group but is retiring as secretary is Sarah. On behalf of the Group, a huge thank you for all the work you have done and from me personally, for all the advice, support and friendship an even bigger one. Please keep in touch. I would also like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank two other members of the group for the work they have done over the past year Bill for Press and Publicity and in particular for holding my hand on Preston FM and representing us on Garstang.net and Danny as treasurer.

Pledges. This is one of the tangible markers for the support of Fairtrade in Garstang. By my reckoning the number of pledges issued increased by 15 and we lost 3, a net increase of 12. Congratulations to all concerned.

Another marker is the biennial survey which Pip undertook in July/August to assess the understanding of Fairtrade and GANKLA in Garstang. This again provided a positive result; 96.5% in 2010 against 92.5% in 2008 people recognised the Fairtrade logo and 30.5% in 2010 and 18.5% in 2008 recognised the GANKLA link.

Another positive outcome has been St. Thomas’s School has become a Fairtrade School, a first for Garstang. Other good news is that Garstang Community School, Garstang and St. Aidan’s Secondary School, Presall are working to follow St. Thomas’s example. Pip has visited 9 schools to spread the word. Well done Pip.

A new strategy for the group has been written and submitted to cover the years 2011- 2013. We do need to work to the goals we have set ourselves.

Mary is now our representative on the Wyre Borough “Steering” Group working towards the Borough becoming a Fairtrade Borough. I understand the group are hoping to write a report soon for submission to the Foundation, although there is still some work to do before this can be sent. Thanks also to Chris for his support.

We have also taken part in several local events to raise awareness of Fairtrade; The Big Lunch (the wettest), Garstang Agricultural Show Family Day (a lot of interest), Garstang Arts and Music Festival (probably the least interest), Garstang Victorian Festival (the most fun) and Scorton, Bikes and Barrows (the most decorative).

On the bigger stage, we were privileged to host and take part in the 500 mile cycle ride to celebrate the declaration of the 500th Fairtrade Town in the UK. Thanks to Pip for representing us as one of the cyclists and to everyone else who helped with the arrangements. Next month we will be celebrating the 1000th Fairtrade Town in the world; what an expansion from Garstang as the 1st one 11 years ago.

We again took part in Fairtrade Fortnight, which differed from ones in the past as we worked as a team with Preston City and South Ribble, Myerscough College and Lancaster and Morecambe and District to “Show of our Labels”. Together we produced over 3200 pieces of bunting from schools and organisations. The conclusions drawn from the experience were that it had been a very productive and that the groups should consider working together whenever appropriate. A suggestion has been made that we may support the Preston Steering Group if they require our support during Preston Guild Week next year. Whilst we were “Showing of our Labels” in Garstang, the Fairtrade Way was successfully launched and we wish Bruce and Graham every success with its progress. We shall be interested to hear of its expansion.

Very shortly, we hope to hear of the successful launch of the FIG Tree and again wish it all the best and to be kept informed of its progress.

We continue to be members of GANKLA and hope in time to hear of the developments from the latest visit by Bruce and Richard.

Finally during my final year as Chairperson, I am hoping that support for Fairtrade and its message will grow and that you will remain as enthusiastic and support as you have during this one. Many thanks again.

Secretary’s Report
Sarah thanked the group for support but was very aware that she had done a limited role as Secretary looking after the Minutes only and not the wider role of Secretary which the group does need.

Treasurer’s Report
See Statement of Accounts Attached
• Acceptance of Accounts
• Proposal of Annual Subscription: Danny. Seconded: Bill
• Proposal “That a subscription fee of £5.00 per annum is payable to the group by all members; the exceptions being any student members or representatives appointed by outside organisations.” Passed by the group
• Subscriptions should be sent to Danny and cheques are payable to ‘Garstang Fairtrade Steering Group.’

Election of Representatives
1. Chairman Ruth Bruce
2. Vice Chairman Still awaiting nomination
3. Secretary Stuart McPhilips
4. Treasurer Danny Callery
5. Schools Representative Belinda Hulme
6. Communications and Press Officer Bill Hewitt
7. Young Person Representative Tom Bamber*
Elected Representatives: Proposed: Pip Riley. Seconded: Mary Cammack.
Passed by Group
8. Town Councillors Appointed by Town Council
9. Oxfam Representative Appointed Graham Hulme
10. Mustard Seed, Appointed Vacant
11. Churches in Garstang Representative Appointed Rep has been approached
12. Myerscough Representative Appointed Bernard Pendleton
13. Chamber of Trade Appointed Sue Ritchie TBC

Could the steering groups of schools be asked to send a report of their work once a term/ year so that we would be aware of the work of young people in Garstang.
Many thanks to Anne Humphreys for all her contributions to the steering group and for supporting many events.

Any Other Business
Time and place of meeting: Move to 7.00pm. The group is happy at the Crofters once a month.
Huge thanks to Ruth for all her hard work this year.
Date and time of next AGM to be confirmed.
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