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Garstang Fairtrade Town

Garstang The World's First Fairtrade Town

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Garstang Fairtrade Steering Group AGM
Tuesday May 15th 2012

Attendance: John Allen, Susan Anderson, Ruth Bruce, Danny Callery, Mary Cammack, Bruce Crowther, Graham Hulme, Stuart McPhillips, Bernard Pendleton, Fiona Riley, Michael Templan,

Apologies for Absence. Pip Riley, Bill Hewitt, Belinda Hulme,

Acceptance of Minutes of AGM 2011 
Accepted. Proposed by Mary Cammack, seconded by Fiona Riley.

Chairperson’s Report
In her final report as Chairperson, Ruth gave a summary of the work carried out by the group in the last year and also her personal reflections of the last two years
Pledges by local organisations to sell or use Fairtrade products have increased by 6 and is an indication of the acceptance of Fairtrade products by the local community.
Ruth welcomed those whop had joined the Steering Group since the last AGM and thanked various members for their contributions over the last year. Particular thanks were given to Bill Hewitt who after many years has relinquished the role as our Press and Publicity officer.

Major events during the year included celebrating the world’s 1000th Fairtrade Town and the opening of the FIG Tree Visitor Centre in November coinciding with the 10th Anniversary of the presentation of the first Fairtrade Town Certificate. The group has hosted a number of visitors and regularly taken part in a range of local community events.

Ruth spoke of how, as a Soroptimist, she had been privileged to take the message to Montreal, Blackpool and Liverpool. Her time as Chairperson, notwithstanding her initial trepidation, had been one of the most interesting and intense learning experiences of her life and looked forward to supporting the next Chairperson.

Ruth concluded by thanking the Group for the support she had been given, without which she would not have been able to fulfil the role.

Secretary’s Report
Stuart thanked the group for their support. The role of Secretary is often to seek commitments from others to support our wide range of events during the year and the response from people has been very much appreciated. The effort at events to sign up local supporters has been encouraging and we now have a list of forty four who receive a periodic Newsletter.

Stuart also thanked Ruth for her guidance and support at many times in the past year.

Treasurer’s Report
A copy of the Fairtrade Accounts for 2011-12 were presented by Danny Callery.
Total funds at the end or 2011/12 are £330.66 

It was proposed that the annual subscription rate of £5.00 be retained. Proposed by Danny Callery, seconded by Stuart McPhillips. Proposal accepted: 10 votes for; 1 abstention

Election of Officers
1. Chair Mary Cammack
2. Vice Chairman Still awaiting nomination
3. Secretary Stuart McPhillips
4. Treasurer Danny Callery
5. Communications and Press Officer Michael Tempan

Following her election as Chair Mary Cammack gave a short address. A copy is attached.

Mary thanked Ruth for her tireless work over the last two years and the warm welcome she had received when she joined the Steering Group. The future is an exciting time for Garstang in part with the opening of the FIG Tree and recent funding secured by Bruce Crowther to develop the educational work of the centre.

Fairtrade is as pressing as ever with world markets continuing to operate in unfair ways for people least able to control; their own lives. We live in a rich country insulated from the many difficult decisions others have to face including education for their children, clean safe water, energy, transport, communications and the time and opportunity to enjoy a full social and cultural life.

Mary wishes to celebrate our determination to improve the lives of people who deserve what we take for granted and values the commitment shown by so many during her involvement with the Steering Group.

Appointment of Representatives
1. Schools Representative Belinda Hulme and Graham Hulme
2. Young Person Representative Vacant (Bernard Pendleton will raise with Myerscough College)
3. Town Councillors Appointed by Town Council: Currently Sandra Perkins and Alan Cornthwaite
4. Oxfam Representative Graham Hulme
5. Mustard Seed Vacant (John Allen will raise with The Mustard Seed)
6. Churches in Garstang Vacant (John Allen will give consideration to potential representatives)
7. Myerscough Representative Bernard Pendleton
8. Chamber of Trade Vacant (Mary Cammack will raise through Garstang Link)

Any Other Business
1. Confirmation that the next meeting of the Steering group will take place following this AGM and on a monthly basis.
2. The next AGM will be held in May 2013, date and time to be confirmed

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