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Minutes of Garstang Fairtrade Steering Group AGM 10th April 2008

1.  Present: Bruce Crowther, Sarah Young, Lara Hurley, Elaine Gisbourne, Fiona Riley, Alex Briault and Bill Hewitt.

Apologies: Tom Bamber, Anne Humphries, Angela Kershaw, Graham & Belinda Hulme, Pip Riley and John Allen.

2. Minutes of last meeting: Accepted

3. Matters arising:
1. Fairtrade Action Plan – This had to be postponed until after Fairtrade Fortnight. Alex and Graham have produced an Excel and Word Document including contributions from Bruce.
Action: Graham to approve Word document and Alex to cross reference the two. Bruce will then distribute to the Group.

2. Christmas Victorian Festival (17th Dec 2007) – Bruce asked the Chamber of Trade if they could waiver the fee for the stall to reduce our costs. Nothing has been heard since then so we assume this was agreed.

3. Student Dissertation Questionnaire – Carried out last autumn in Garstang. The results were sent out with these Minutes but it should be noted that they contain confidential information not for public release. It is interesting about the low recognition of the FAIRTRADE Mark compared to 71% in 2001.Two reasons for this:
1. The student only used the Rondel without the wording ‘Fairtrade’ whereas our 2001 survey was based on the national survey where the word ‘Fairtrade’ is included.
2. The student did not differentiate between local people and visitors to Garstang. Our survey in 2001 showed 71% of local people recognized the mark but only 20% of visitors did. The latter matched exactly the national average at that time.
Action: Graham & Bruce to put together a survey based on the national survey and done in conjunction with The Oxfam Group and GANKLA that can be carried out this summer and repeated every two years.

4. Cleaning of Plaque – Bruce has been regularly cleaning the Fairtrade Town plaque since it was erected in2001. This has become difficult to continue so he approached the Town Council to see if it was possible for this duty to be carried out by the recently appointed paid Lengths man. The Council declined stating that it is written in their constitution that this is not their responsibility. The Group showed disappointment at this negative response and agreed to a monthly cleaning rota.
Action: All. The cleaning of the plaque rota is as follows:
April – Bruce
May – Alex
June – Elaine
July – Bill
August – Lara
September – Fiona
October - Sarah

4. Bill’s slot – Please find attached with these Minutes

5. Election of Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer & Review Roles
 The following roles were discussed and agreed upon:
1. Bruce Crowther - Chair 
2. Alex Briault  - Vice Chair
3. Sarah Young - Secretary
4. Lara Hurley - Treasurer
5. Fiona Riley - Deputy treasurer
6. Bill Hewitt - Communications & Press Officer
7. Gillian Lamb  – Garstang Town Councillor
8. Anne Humphries – Garstang Town Councillor
9. Belinda Hulme - Schools Rep
10. John Allen - Church Rep
11. Elaine Gisbourne - Youth Rep
12. Tom Bamber - Website Designer
13. Graham Hulme
14. Danny Callery
15. Pip Riley
16. Crispin Myerscough
17. Marion Myerscough
18. Andy Greenacre
19. Cassie Greenacre

Business Reps – As part of our ‘Adopt a shop’ scheme a Group member has been assigned to each business that sells Fairtrade products in Garstang as follows:
a. Arts Centre – Bill Hewitt
b. Booths – Bruce Crowther
c. Garstang Health Food Shop and No. 18/No, 19 – Elaine Gisbourne
d. The Mustard Seed & Wesleys– John Allen
e. Health Shop, Thomas’s Wiend, Pipers Restaurant and Threshers – Fiona & Pip Riley
f. Coffee Pot – Bruce Crowther.
g. Discovery Centre – Alex Briault
h. Crown – Bruce Crowther
i. Co-op – Danny Callery
j. Market Cross News – Belinda Hulme.
k. Houghton’s Petrol Station – Graham Hulme
l. Londis – Lara Hurley
m. Simply Delicious – Elaine Gisbourne.
n. Somerfield - Crispin Myerscough
o. Top Knot Hairdressers – Marion Myerscough
p. Calder Bank Guest House – Belinda Hulme

Action: All. Any members not present at this AGM with any queries about these roles should see Bruce. Anyone who has not yet made personal contact with their ‘adopted shop’ were encouraged to do so soon.

6. Treasurers Report

The 2007/08 Accounts were shown to the Group and are available on request from Lara. Specific details on the GAP funding are copied below. Lara gave an interim report which showed a final balance of £394.79 and an excess of about £75 that could not be accounted for. Lara will notify the Group when this is rectified.

The Group showed great appreciation for Lara’s efforts and understood the difficulty of her task which at times has been most stressful. The Group was grateful (and relieved) that Lara agreed to continue in this role as Treasurer and we hope and expect the task to be made much easier over the coming year.

GAP Fund Application 
                                                                                                  Budget   Actual cost
1. New Consumer Directory, 1,000 copies  x 3 years £2467.50  £2467.50
2. Website                                                                            £  950.00  £1116.25
3. Outdoor stall                                                                    £  300.00  £ 161.95
4. Indoor display stand                                                      £   754.00  £ 696.78
5. Sidewinders x 2                                                              £ 1100.00  £1100.00
6. Outdoor Banners x 4                                                       £    180.00  £ 150.00
7. Set of leaflet display stands x 8                                    £      29.00  £ 000.00
      Work in kind (300 hours @ £6.25/hr)                         £1875.00  £2456.25
                                                                                   TOTAL £7655.50  £8239.73

To be made up as:
GAP Discretionary Fund                          £5600.00
Our contribution                                        £ 180.50
Work in kind (300 hours @ £6.25/hr)   £1875.00
                                                       TOTAL £7655.50

THEREFORE WE PAID (£180.50 - £88.02) = £92.48

Action: Bill to look into obtaining replacement Display Boards for those found to be faulty.

7. Fairtrade Fortnight Feedback  -
Bruce gave a feedback report which on the whole was very positive although some events were poorly attended. Events worth repeating next year were the celebration party but perhaps with a change of evening and venue and the visit by the ‘Choose Fairtrade Bus’ with a request to be able to build up more of an event around it. The Stock It cards were not used and the Group felt this was not a good way to campaign in a small community like Garstang. We believed the best way was through our ‘Adopt a Shop’ scheme and again members were encouraged to utilise this scheme especially targeting those places that were selected for Fairtrade Fortnight and listed below.
1 Cafe 1 in Thomas’s Wiend
2 Cafe 2 in Thomas’s Wiend
3 Somerfield
4 Booths
5 Royal Oak
6 Wheatsheaf
7 Tithebarn.

8. Future Events

1. 11th – 13th June 2008 - The Future of Fairtrade Conference at St. Pauls Cathedral, London. Speakers include Harriet Lamb (Fairtrade Foundation), Paul Chandler (Traidcraft) and Sophi Tranchell (Divine chocolate). Registration £360 - £75. Concessionary rates available. See Sarah for further details.
Action: Sarah will try to attend.

2. July 2008 – ‘After Black Gold’ Presentation by Joe Human of the Keswick campaign.  Bruce mentioned this powerful presentation that he witnessed during Fairtrade Fortnight and it was agreed we should bring this to Garstang. We will try and get Joe here in the first 2 weeks of July (preferably a Thursday/Friday in the 1st week). We will try to arrange the event in a prominent hotel in Garstang if they are prepared to combine it with a publicised switch to Fairtrade coffee. Failing that we will go for a smaller venue possibly the Arts Centre. In either case the seven places targeted under item 7 above and the prominent hotels in Garstang will be invited to attend the event along with Rowland from Calder Bank Guest House who will be asked to say a few words on why he supports Fairtrade.
Action: Bruce to find out available dates from Joe and then approach a prominent hotel (Crofters and Pickering’s preferred). Bill to enquire about a licence in the Arts Centre if it becomes necessary.

3. July 24th 2008 - Diminishing Dinners to be started with a Peruvian Evening at the Coffee Pot and finish at Christmas. This has the potential to raise up to £3,000 for each of the organisations GANKLA, Garstang Fairtrade Steering Group and the Garstang Oxfam Group. See Bruce for further details.
Action: Bruce to make necessary arrangements.

4. Fairtrade Fortnight  2009 – Fairtrade wine tasting with Rob from Threshers?
9. AOB

1. Review of the Constitution – Section 3 (How the Group shall be run) of the Constitution was amended and these details are attached with these minutes as Track Changes.
2. Garstang Cotton Bags – This was raised under item 4 above. These bags will be made from cotton sourced in New Koforidua and eventually it is hoped that the bags may also be made there. Bill showed the proposed design to the group and modifications were discussed.
3. GANKLA Community House - It was agreed to give a donation of £50 towards the GANKLA Community House in New Koforidua.
4. Purling Power – An event organised by the Manchester Oxfam Group to increase awareness of the 1,400 mothers that die each day due to lack of health care. For further details or if you would like to knit a square please see Bruce.
5. Inconvenient Truth Showing at Quaker Meeting House Friday 18th April . Entrance £2. See Bill for tickets or further details.
6. Fair Trade Fashion Show on Thursday 24th April at 7.30pm at the Methodist Church/ Wesleys/ Mustard Seed. See John for further details.
7. Cabus Rocks Concert at Cabus Village Hall in aid of GANKLA Friday 9th May 8pm – 11pm. Entrance £4. Need help selling tickets. See Bruce for tickets or further details.

10. Date of next meeting: Wednesday 4th June at 7pm in the Crown.

Please note this meeting is held on a Wednesday and is designed to coincide with the visit to Garstang by Samuel Ofori, a teacher in New Koforidua. We will hold a business meeting between 7pm – 8pm and then hold an informal Q & A session with Samuel.

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