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New Koforidua visit, August/September 2006

From Friday 25th August to Wednesday 6th September the following four people visited New Koforidua. 

The group from Garstang during their visit to New Koforidua in 2006.  Photograph: Tom Bamber.

The group from Garstang during their visit to New Koforidua in 2006.  Photograph: Tom Bamber.

Bruce Crowther, Chair of GANKLA
Robin Graham, Salford poet and playwright
Tom Bamber, Garstang
Grant Newlands, Garstang

Following discussions that took place with Garstang And New Koforidua Linking Association (GANKLA) members in Garstang a similar meeting took place with the New Koforidua and Garstang Linking Association (NKGaLA) members to formulate the Garstang and New Koforidua Partnership Agreement that was signed in June 2007.  To view photographs of the trip, taken by Tom Bamber, click here.

New Koforidua visit, June 2008

 From Monday 16th to Monday 30th June the following seven people visited New Koforidua.

  1. Bruce Crowther, Chair of GANKLA
  2. Richard Watts, Landscape Design lecturer from Myerscough College
  3. Kaley Green, Landscape Design student from Myerscough College
  4. Richard Mounfield, Landscape Design student from Myerscough College
  5. James Settle, Landscape Design student from Myerscough College
  6. Tom Bamber, Film and Television Production student from York St. John University
  7. Robin Graham, Salford poet and playwright

During the visit the projects were reviewed and an Addendum to the Partnership Agreement was agreed. The team from Myerscough College helped to build the Community House and explored the drainage system in the village. Tom Bamber used photographs taken from the visit to make a book. The book called Ghana is available to buy.

Garstang visit, November 2008

Samuel Ofori, a teacher from DA JSS School in New Koforidua visited Garstang for two weeks from 4th – 19th November 2008. Samuel’s visit was originally planned for June but his visa application was not successful. Garstang And New Koforidua Linking Association (GANKLA) members would like to thank Lancaster and Wyre MP Ben Wallace, Garstang Travel, the UK One World Linking Association (UKOWLA), Kuapa Kookoo in Ghana and all others that enabled Samuel’s second visa application to be a success.  GANKLA are also grateful to Garstang Travel for part sponsorship of Samuel’s airfare.

Samuel is a youth worker and talented drummer and took part in the following events during his stay:

Tariq Marfani of Tarameen, Samuel Ofori and Brad Hill of the Co-operative Group showing the New Koforidua football shirt made from Fairtrade cotton by Tarameen. Photograph: The Co-Operative Group

Tariq Marfani of Tarameen, Samuel Ofori and Brad Hill of the Co-operative Group showing the New Koforidua football shirt made from Fairtrade cotton by Tarameen. Photograph: The Co-operative Group


Tuesday 4th - Samuel arrives at Manchester airport.
                          A visit to Chester, the first Fairtrade City.
                          Attend GANKLA Meeting.

Wednesday 5th - Visit Edge Hill University

Thursday 6th - Visit the new Fairtrade Foundation Office at Ibex House, London.
                            Attend the Divine 10th Birthday party & photo exhibition at the Oxo Tower.

Friday 7th - Visit Coventry Cathedral and attend service of Reconciliation.
                      Attend and give a workshop at the UKOWLA Conference in Coventry.

Saturday 8th - Free day

Sunday 9th
- Attend Garstang Methodist Church service of remembrance.
                        Visit the Keighly and Worth Valley steam railway.
                        Meet with members of the Haworth Fairtrade Group.

Monday 10th - Photo call with Ben Wallace MP and Cllr. Michael Halford, 
                           Mayor of Garstang at Garstang Travel. 
                           Visit to Myerscough College.

Tuesday 11th - Visit New Century House in Manchester to meet with 
                             Peter Marks, Chief Executive of the co-operative society 
                             and members of the co-operative society and Tarameen,
                             the Fairtrade cotton company who made the shirts for New Koforidua FC 
                             & sponsored by the Co-operative Group and Tarameen.
                             Visit Manchester Town Hall & other sites.

Wednesday 12th - Visit Garstang Community Primary School & attend Assembly.

Peter Marks, Chief Executive of the Co-operative Group looking at 'Ghana' by Tom Bamber. Photograph: The Co-Operative Group

Peter Marks, Chief Executive of the Co-operative Group looking at 'Ghana' by Tom Bamber. Photograph: The Co-operative Group

                                   Visit St. Martins College Lancaster & other sites.
                                   Attend Garstang Fairtrade Group Meeting.

Thursday 13th – Visit to Liverpool international slavery museum.

Friday 14th – Visit SS Mary and Michael Primary School, Garstang & attend Assembly.
                         Visit Jamea Mosque, Preston.
                         Drum & Chat in Wesley’s Coffee Lounge, Garstang.

Saturday 15th - See Manchester United v Stoke City at Old Trafford, 
                              sponsored by Tarameen Fairtrade cotton company.

Sunday 16th  – Attend worship at Garstang Quaker Meeting.

Monday 17th - Visit St. Thomas' Primary School, Garstang & attend Assembly.

Tuesday 18th - Present Fairtrade Pledge Forms to Garstang businesses.
                             Visit Garstang High School.

Wednesday 19th - Samuel leaves via Manchester airport.


While visiting the Fairtrade towns, villages and cities of London, Coventry, Haworth, Lancaster, Manchester and Liverpool Samuel took the opportunity to promote Fairtrade and especially the sale of Divine chocolate everywhere that he went. He spoke to many of Garstang’s store managers and presented Fairtrade Pledges to those already showing their support.

As well as moments of great joy and loud celebration such as drumming with the Mayor of Garstang and his family and watching Manchester United play Stoke City at Old Trafford, there were also moments of deep thought and silent meditation, such as visiting the International Slavery Museum in Liverpool and attending Quaker worship in Garstang. The three stages of the International slavery museum, in particular the first stage that demonstrated African civilisation before Europeans set foot in Africa and the final stage that explored the legacy of the slave trade, confirmed and supported the values and principles that are written into the Garstang and New Koforidua Partnership Agreement. The following message was left at the museum on behalf of our link;

“Do not feel shame but let these past injustices strengthen and motivate you to take positive action today against their legacy.
Say no to racism, say no to unfair trade and put an end to poverty now!”

Listed below are some of the main points resulting from Samuel’s visit that are related to the projects being undertaken as part of the Garstang and New Koforidua link.

1. The co-operative Community House – At the time of his visit the house was almost complete and Samuel showed photographs of the house to everyone he met including Peter Marks, the Chief Executive of the Co-op (the major funder for the house) who has since shown a desire to visit New Koforidua and stay in the house. 
2. Landscape Project – Samuel visited Myerscough College and met with Richard Watts. Richard will put together a suggested plan to landscape and help assist drainage in the village. Following this funding of the project will be considered.

3. Cultural Exchanges – Samuel gave some excellent drumming performances in the three Primary Schools, the Quaker Meeting House and ran a special ‘Drum and Chat’ evening at Wesley’s cafe which was attended by the Mayor of Garstang. Edge Hill University, Garstang High School and the Methodist church have all shown an interest in sending people to New Koforidua in 2010 with the hope of reciprocal exchange visits. Samuel is hoping to form a drumming and dancing troupe in New Koforidua that one day could visit Garstang. Samuel also jointly ran a workshop at the UK One World Linking Conference which explored the benefits of the link and he attended another workshop where he provided valuable feedback into the difficulty of obtaining visas to visit the UK.

4. School Programmes – Samuel visited all four of Garstang’s schools and spent much time talking with the children. This has consolidated support for both Fairtrade and the link and greatly supported the work to encourage all Garstang schools to become Fairtrade schools. At least one of the schools now wish to develop a direct school to school link and the High School has shown an interest in visits.

5. Fair Trade Cotton Bags – Samuel was able to show the prototype bags made in New Koforidua to the Garstang Chamber of Trade. They were approved and the Chamber of Trade now wish to order 1,000 bags.

6. Fairtrade Survey – A full survey was conducted in Garstang during the summer with very positive results. It is hoped that a similar survey could be carried out in New Koforidua in 2009.

7. New Koforidua FC – The prototype for the Fairtrade cotton home and away kits donated by the Co-op and Tarameen have been approved by Samuel. Samuel also took back many football boots donated by the Garstang community that can be used by both the club and children. Samuel visited Mike’s sports world in Garstang who have confirmed their promise to sell Fairtrade footballs in Garstang and donate several balls for use by New Koforidua FC.

8. Edge Hill University – Samuel visited the University who are now planning to send a group of four physiotherapy students to New Koforidua sometime in 2009. Other departments within the university are also showing an interest in working with the link as well as the possibility of building up a relationship with the KNUST University in Kumasi.

9. Jamea Mosque in Preston – Samuel visited the Mosque and delivered a photograph of the Mosque in New Koforidua and presented a gift.

10. International Fairtrade Towns – Samuel visited the Fairtrade Foundation office in the UK and has been invited to speak at and jointly run a workshop at the next international Fairtrade Towns conference to be held in France in February 2009.

11. Fair Trade Triangle with Media, USA – Samuel met with Ben Wallace MP and the Mayor of Garstang who both showed support for the Fair Trade Triangle developing with Media in the USA. 

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