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 Garstang and New Koforidua Partnership Agreement June 2007

On Sunday 3rd June 2007 two copies of the following Partnership Agreement were signed at ceremonies that took place simultaneuosly in Garstang and New Koforidua.


A Memorandum of Understanding

The members of the Garstang And New Koforidua
Linking Association (GANKLA)
The members of the New Koforidua and Garstang
Linking Association (NKGALA)

The values and principles which are shared

The members of the Garstang And New Koforidua Linking Association (GANKLA) and the members of the New Koforidua and Garstang Linking Association (NKGALA) believe in true and lasting friendship as a prerequisite for promoting understanding between the peoples of the North and those of the South.  The best and most effective way of achieving such friendship is by encouraging interaction between people at grassroots level and by addressing the needs of both communities through co-operation in education, and social and economic advancement.  We believe that at all levels this interaction should be fair, honest and always open to new ideas from whatever source.

Both partners are of the view that all people are equal but their general well being may differ due to the different circumstances in which they find themselves.  Being poor does not in any way make anyone a lesser person than any other.  Nor does it reduce one’s dignity as a person.  In view of this, the principle of respect for cultural diversity will be a basic tenet of our partnership.

Both parties recognise that the inequality and injustices of our present trading system are a legacy of colonialism and the transatlantic slave trade of the past, which did nothing for the self-confidence of the West African people.  We hope, through this partnership, to bring balance to the individual pride and humility of those involved.  We hope to bring pride and dignity to those who feel they have nothing to give and humility to those who do not know how to receive.  We aim to build a grassroots development for global change – a change for which justice is required and not the perpetuation of aid.

The partnership between GANKLA and NKGALA will be based on mutual trust, respect and understanding that will be anchored in the willingness to share and learn from each other.


The Garstang Oxfam Group campaign to promote Fairtrade and the FAIRTRADE mark led to the people of Garstang declaring their town the world’s first Fairtrade Town in April 2000.  From this the Fairtrade Towns initiative was born giving rise to hundreds of Fairtrade Towns across the UK as well as similar initiatives in countries across the globe.  New Koforidua is a Kuapa Kokoo cocoa farming community and some of the cocoa grown there is used to make the Fairtrade chocolate produced by Divine Chocolate Ltd and sold in the UK.  Kuapa Kokoo also has part ownership of Divine Chocolate Ltd.

In the 18th Century Garstang’s neighbouring city of Lancaster was the 4th largest slave trade port in the UK and many of the slaves were taken across the Atlantic from the shores of Ghana (formerly known as the Gold Coast) in an historic trading system that was detrimental to the people and economy of West Africa.  Now Fairtrade unites Garstang and New Koforidua through a modern trading system, which appropriately benefits the people and economy of that same area.

It was to explore these links that a group of young people from Garstang first visited New Koforidua in the summer of 2001.  Following that visit Garstang Town Council and Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly agreed in 2002 to form a twin relationship between the communities of Garstang and New Koforidua.  In order that our partnership should truly reflect and actively involve all aspects of our communities the coalitions of GANKLA and NKGALA were set up in 2006 as representatives of our two communities.  We believe it necessary to formulate this memorandum of understanding and have it signed by the members of GANKLA and NKGALA.

It is fitting and appropriate that this document should be signed in 2007, as this is the year in which the UK celebrates the bicentenary of the abolition of the British transatlantic slave trade and Ghana celebrates 50 years of independence from British colonial rule.

For the purpose of this document we recognise that our work is based in the communities of Garstang and New Koforidua but that we work with and influence a much wider society.  Where the word community is used we refer to that wider society in both the South and the North.


Our goal is to achieve a long term mutually beneficial relationship between our two communities built on friendship, equality and genuine understanding that will aid the social & economic sustainable development of both communities and contribute towards the global campaign to end poverty wherever it may exist.

In order to achieve this we will:
 Build on the links made between Garstang and New Koforidua.  To bring a greater depth of understanding of each other and each other’s needs to both communities and to enable people to share in each other’s cultures.
 Support and contribute towards the development of GANKLA and NKGALA to enable them to participate as a partnership of equals
 Identify and implement programmes geared towards the social and economic sustainable development of the two partner communities.
 Use our development programmes as a basis for development education in our two communities and more widely.
 Promote mainstream fair trade and highlight the terrible suffering endured by many due to the present unfair rules of trade and the fact that many small farmers across the world do not get a fair price for their produce.
 Highlight Garstang as the world’s first Fairtrade Town thereby promoting the Fairtrade Town initiative and Garstang’s own civic pride.
 Highlight New Koforidua as a Kuapa Kokoo Society thereby promoting Divine Fairtrade chocolate and New Koforidua’s own civic pride.
 Broaden the horizons for people in both communities so that they can be more informed and better ‘armed’ to answer the issues raised on fair trade, trade justice and global poverty.
 Encourage the setting up of similar links so as to broaden the perspectives of more communities in terms of mutual understanding and respect, and knowledge of the social, cultural, religious and economic bases of the societies concerned.


In pursuance of the above objectives, GANKLA and NKGALA hereby agree to work together for the mutual benefit of their respective communities.  This collaboration will be executed through:
 Setting up an IT link between the two communities.
 Organisation of exchange visits between the people of the two communities.
 Organisation of visits for the purposes of development education.
 Frank and honest consultation between the partner organisations.
 Sharing information and resources.
 Implementing projects.
 Raising funds for the implementation of projects.

In order to achieve the above, and for the efficient functioning of the partner organisations, they will set up organisational structures appropriate to their circumstance; e.g. committees for the monitoring of specific activities or projects.

The shared roles and responsibilities of GANKLA and NKGALA

 To promote friendship through linking our communities representing the South and the North.
 To advocate on behalf of both communities.
 To co-operate as agencies of development whose purpose is to pursue strategies that will empower the people of our two communities.
 To work together as community development agencies with a special focus on the most marginalised members.
 To network and to collaborate with other agencies of development when common goals and means can be identified.
 To maximise the educational possibilities arising from this partnership.
 To raise funds for the implementation of projects.
 To make available to our partners any information that may be required by them and is relevant to the aims and objectives of the partnership and, in particular, to share the minutes of our executive meetings.
 To manage funds received efficiently and transparently.
 To assist and facilitate linking activities.
 To promote the Garstang and New Koforidua link as an example of good practice as widely as possible.
 To be responsible for the welfare and well being of volunteers and exchange personnel hosted in our community.
 To identify and implement projects that are responsive to the needs of the community.
 To ensure proper monitoring and evaluation of projects.
 To conduct ongoing research as a means of evaluating the link and obtaining feedback and new ideas from both communities.
 To ensure ongoing publicity for the link in both communities and beyond.

Projects so far identified

1. To set up an IT centre at New Koforidua to enable better communication and eventual video conferencing facilities that can be used for events and by schools

2. To continue exchange visits between the two communities e.g. the visit of drumming and dancing cultural troupes to Garstang’s Arts Festival.

3. To continue joint campaigning activities against poverty such as the ‘Take the P out of Poverty’ event held in October 2006.

4. To reduce the traffic deaths on the main Accra – Kumasi highway at New Koforidua e.g. by the building of a footbridge.

5. To build a community house in New Koforidua to host cultural visits by people from Garstang.

6. To set up a fair trading relationship between the two communities allowing items from New Koforidua e.g. handicrafts, Kente cloths, tie and dye cloths and Batik to be marketed in Garstang.

7. To establish small scale industries in New Koforidua for the extraction of orange/pineapple juice and/or the processing of cassava and black pepper.

8. To conduct an annual survey in New Koforidua and Garstang to measure and record public attitudes towards the link, fair trade and issues around global poverty.

9. To develop projects between the schools in both communities

10. To develop and implement landscape projects for New Koforidua.

11. To set up joint community activities between the two communities e.g. football matches

It should be noted that these ideas form only the basis for future projects and will be amended and added to over time.

Implementation schedule

We will develop a three-year strategic plan by September 2007 to determine the time scales of some of the projects mentioned above.

The review of the agreement

This agreement comes into force on the day of the signing by both parties.  We see this memorandum as a living document, which shall be reviewed initially after the first year and subsequently every two years.

This memorandum may be amended at any time with the agreement of both parties.


In the event of disagreement, the matter will be referred to a committee set up by both partners, the membership of which will be mutually agreed.

Should this fail the partnership will be dissolved.

Dissolution of the partnership

The partners agree to give at least six months notice on the occasion of withdrawing from this agreement.

Signed on this day Sunday, 3rd June 2007 and thereafter.

GANKLA Coalition Members

Bruce Crowther,

Steve Lane,

Grant Newlands,

Alex Briault,
Garstang Fairtrade Steering Group

Graham Hulme,
Garstang Oxfam Group

Norah Hoyles,
Garstang and District Partnership

Damian Carr,
Garstang Chamber of Trade and Commerce

David Marle,
St. Thomas’s Primary School

Diana Cornthwaite,
Garstang Community Primary School

Geoff Markland,
Garstang High School

Ann Turner,
Myerscough College

John Allen,
Mustard Seed and Methodist Church

Bill Hewitt,
Calder Bridge Quaker Meeting

Shoayb Bux,
Muslims of Preston

Samantha Newsham,
Garstang Rural District Guides, Brownies and Rainbows

Liz Porter,
Garstang Castle Scouts

Andy Harkins,
Garstang Football Club

Elizabeth Avis Jones,
Coffee Pot Cafe

John Akin,

Tom Bamber,

Chris Barlow,

Gwyneth Bough,

Will Bough,

Robin Graham,

Andy Greenacre,

Gillian Lamb,

Peter Lane,


Traditional Council

Nana Agyekum Sarpong II,

Nana Agyeiwaah Marfoah,
Queen Mother

Nana Okyere Opoku,
1 Kurontihene

Nana Kwadwo Osafo,
1 Nkosohene

Government Representative

Hon. Ahenkorah Afrifa,
District Chief Executive

NKGALA Committee Members

E. T. Kodua,

William  K.  Sarpong,
Vice Chairman

Dominic Ahanogbe,

Osei Asamoah,

Kwame Agyei,
Kuapa  Kokoo

Kwaku Seidu,
Muslim Community

Aguti Iddrisu,

Akwasi Opoku,

Patrick Gyamfi,

Alhassan Abdul-Rahamani,

Samuel Ofori,
Opare Schools  

Frederick  Gamoh,
Financial Secretary

Theresa  Oforiwaa, 

Elizabeth  Sarpong,

Paul Agyabeng,
Christian Community

S.Y. Sarpong,

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