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Garstang The World's First Fairtrade Town

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The co-operative Community House

The Community House

Work started on the co-operative community house in 2008 and the house completed in 2011. Donations were received from both communities, corporate and community organisations in the UK and individuals throughout the world. A total of £14,896.62 was raised and a full list of donors is given below.  The project received major funding from the Co-operative and was named the co-operative house in recognition of this.

Most of the building work was carried out by the people of New Koforidua themselves but they were assisted by a lecturer and students from the Department of Landscape Design at Myerscough College during the visit to New Koforidua in June 2008. The house contains a reception area, three double rooms, a meeting room (incorporating a library), a kitchen and store room and bathroom with shower and flush toilet. The house was built primarily to house visitors from Garstang who wish to visit New Koforidua, but it will also serve as an education and resource centre both for residents of the village and for visitors from anywhere in the world.

Booking Arrangements

Accommodation costs are as follows.
Non GANKLA members: 25 Cedis (£10) /person/day 
GANKLA members: 15 Cedis (£6) /person/day or 75 Cedis (£30) /person/week 
Founding Friends of the Community House: Free for up to six weeks/year

Meals are available at the following rates:
Breakfast (omlette, porridge, fruit, tea, coffee) 5 Cedis (£2)
Lunch or Dinner (Jollof or plain rice with fish or meat gravy, Banku or Red Red with fish, noodles and egg stew,Yam with fish or meat) 8 Cedis (£3.30)
Additional fruit (banana, orange, paw paw, water melon, advocado pear) 4 Cedis (£1.60)
1.5 litre bottle of water 1.5 Cedis (60p)
Bottle of coke 1 Cedi (40p)

Cocoa excursion 15 Cedis (£6) per person 

Please note that all prices are quoted in Ghanaian Cedis and approximate conversions to British pounds given at time of writing, but these should be checked and if necessary adjusted accordingly.

Bookings can be made by contacting Walter Alifo here.

The co-operative Community House Donors

Personal List

1. Margaret & John Allen, Garstang
2. Richard Baldwin, UK
3. Tom Bamber, Garstang
4. Veronique Berthollet, Belgium
5. Alex & Tina Briault, Garstang
6. Mike & Alison Charles, UK
7. Rose Coates, UK
8. Gordon Collinson, UK
9. Mark & Trish Craig, UK
10. Anna Crowther, Garstang
11. Ben Crowther, Garstang
12. Ian and Sue  Crowther, UK
13. Pierre Ellssel, Germany
14. David Fenton, UK
15. Marlene & John Fenton, Garstang
16. Peter & Michelle Fenton, UK
17. Jane Fitzherbert-Brockholes, Garstang
18. Dave & Julie Grace, UK
19. Kaley Green, UK
20. Paula Grover, UK
21. Pete Hardy, UK
22. Bill Hewitt, Garstang
23. Cliff Holloway, Australia
24. Anne Hoyle, Garstang
25. Tim Lewis, UK
26. Hugh MacPhail, Scotland
27. Margaret Mansfield, Garstang
28. Ann Marie, UK
29. Fiona Mather, UK
30. Richard Mounfield, UK
31. The Page Family, UK
32. James Settle, UK
33. The Settle Family, UK
34. Roy & Jenni Stephenson, Lancaster Quakers, UK
35. Dave Thompson, UK
36. Derek and Helen Truby, UK
37. Rosie Turner, UK
38. Jackson Wicks, Garstang
39. Heather & Jim Wylie, Garstang

Community List

1. Chief  and the Elders of the community (local Council), New Koforidua
2. Church of Pentecost, New Koforidua
3. Fairtrade in Bolton, UK
4. Fairtrade Steering Group, Garstang
5. GANKLA , Garstang
6. Garstang Community Primary School
7. Haworth Fairtrade Village, UK
8. Jehovah  Witnesses, New Koforidua
9. Just Connections, UK
10. Lions Club, Garstang
11. Media’s Fairtrade Town Committee, USA
12. Methodist Church, Garstang
13. Moorgate Primary School, UK
14. Muslim  Community, New Koforidua
15. Myerscough College, Garstang
16. Quakers, Garstang
17. Roman Catholic Church, New Koforidua
18. Savior   Church, New Koforidua
19.Seventh Day Adventist, New Koforidua

Corporate List

1. Arcade Vets, Garstang
2. Cobbles and Clay, UK
3. Coffee Pot, Garstang
4. The Co-operative, UK
5. The GAEIA Partnership, UK
6. LBT Motors, Garstang
7. Nicksons, Garstang

Founding Friends of the cooperative Community House

1. Rosemary Byrde, UK
2. Bruce and Jane Crowther, Garstang
3. Robin Graham, UK
4. Helen Haworth, UK
5. Kathryn Haworth, UK
6. Mark and Lucy Leather, Garstang
7. Geoff & Julienne Markland, Garstang
8. Andrew and Sarah Morris, UK
9. Will Nightingale, UK
10. Alfie Kwesi Owusu, UK
11. Barbara Panvel, UK
12. Pip and Fiona Riley, Garstang
13. Mr. and Mrs. Schomerus, Garstang
14. Deborah Toorak, UK
15. Richard Watts, UK

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