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Garstang Fairtrade Town

Garstang The World's First Fairtrade Town

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Items to buy

Ghana by Tom Bamber

Ghana book by Tom Bamber.  Click on the book to buy a copy from Blurb.com. Ghana book by Tom Bamber.  Click on the book to buy a copy from Blurb.com.

A selection of photographs taken by amateur film maker and photographer, Tom Bamber, during his visit to New Koforidua in June 2008. 

Tom Bamber is a Film & Television Production student at York St John University.  He has a keen interest in the Garstang Fairtrade campaign and the link between Garstang and the Fairtrade cocoa farming community of New Koforidua in Ghana. 

To order the book click here.


The New Koforiduan by Robin Graham

The Salford poet and playwright Robin Graham accompanied the exchange visit to New Koforidua in 2004 when he wrote a poem to capture the highlights of each day. On returning to the UK these poems, together with others written around the themes of Fairtrade and chocolate were published as the book  'The New Koforiduan'.

Cost £4.95 + p & p.
To order contact Robin Graham here.


Fairly traded bags from New Koforidua

Fairly traded bags made in New Koforidua are available to buy.  
Cost: £2.50 + p & p.
Size: 37cm x 31cm.
To order contact Sue Ritchie here.

Trading terms

In Ghana the majority of cotton farms are in the North; they may be run by individuals, a community or as group farms.  The workers are often paid with goods rather than money, for example - women get cloth, the community gets aluminium roofing sheets or a school may be built.

These bags have been made in Garstang's linked community of New Koforidua in Ghana using local Ghanaian cotton, for which we are assured that the producer has been paid a fair price.  We have not however, been able to check the conditions under which the cotton pickers and weavers work.

We do know that, once the cotton cloth arrives in New Koforidua, the printers and tailors who make up the bags are paid a fair wage for their work.

Thus, we are trading fairly with our colleagues in New Koforidua and hope that, in time, this way of treating / paying the workers can spread to all those in the supply chain.

Other items

Ghana photographs

To view the full selection of photographs taken by Tom Bamber during his visit to New Koforidua in June 2008, click here.

Gentle Nature

'Gentle Nature' is a stop motion clay animation film by Tom Bamber.  Based on the poem 'Gentle Nature' taken from the aforementioned book 'The New Koforiduan' by Robin Graham, the film follows his attempts to get through the day alongside the 'wildlife' he encounters.  To view the full 3 minute film, click here.

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