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Garstang Fairtrade Town: Garstang says MAKE POVERTY HISTORY

Garstang The World's First Fairtrade Town

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Campaigners from Garstang holding their banner in front of Edinburgh castleAs the first Fairtrade Town, Garstang felt duty-bound to show its support for the Make Poverty History campaign. While almost 200,000 people gathered in Hyde Park to listen to the biggest live concert in human history, over 200,000 more felt the need to show their support by forming a human white band around Edinburgh ahead of the G8 summit. Garstang had to be represented!

St. Mary & Michaels RC Church, Garstang declaring Make Poverty History from the rooftops


At 7am on Saturday 2nd July, 49 people, aged 3 to 73, set off from Garstang to make the 5 hour coach journey to Edinburgh. After queuing for almost 2 hours they set off on the 3-mile walk around the historic city, giving themselves very little time to enjoy the many events held in the Meadows before having to make the long journey home. As well as playing their part in the Make Poverty History rally, all the churches and many prominent buildings in Garstang were wrapped by a white band on the first Global White Band day, Friday 1st July. Garstang clearly says MAKE POVERTY HISTORY!

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