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Garstang Fairtrade Town

Garstang The World's First Fairtrade Town

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Fairtrade and the British Atlantic Slave Trade

The pages in this section examine the history of the British Atlantic slave trade and the relationship between the slave trade abolitionist campaign and that of the Fairtrade campaign today.

In 2001 the Garstang Go Global Fairtrade/Slave Trade project won a Millenium On the Line award that enabled a group of young people to travel to Ghana to visit the slave trade forts of the past and the Fairtrade cocoa farms of the present. They visited the cocoa farming community of New Koforidua that lies 40km from Kumasi in the Ashanti region of Ghana. Many of the farmers in New Koforidua are members of the Kuapa Kokoo cooperative and sell their cocoa into the Fairtrade market. As a consequence of this visit Garstang formed a community link with New Koforidua. The Garstang And New Koforidua LInking Association (GANKLA) and its partner the New Koforidua and Garstang Linking Association (NKGaLA) now oversee the link.

Follow these links to find out more about the Garstang Fairtrade / Slave Trade Go Global project of 2001, the abolition campaign, Thomas Clarkson, racism and the slave trade and  slavery today.

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